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Marc Emery Around the World

I’m travelling the world looking for cannabis culture.

I’ve been a cannabis activist since 1991 and founded Hemp BC in Vancouver in 1994 and Cannabis Culture in 1995. Since then I’ve seen 39 prisons and jails for my cannabis activism and lifestyle, including a 5-year stint in US federal prisons for sending 3,000,000 cannabis seeds to Americans in the mail.


I'm travelling the world and seeing some  beautiful and occasionally astonishing things. Facebook is so censorious about so many subjects, sentiments, images and ideologies, that I'd rather invest in my own website where I can have all my material permanently in one place. Where it won't be offline for 30-day stretches. As time goes by, I'll upload all my photos and memories reaching back into my past, and some of this material will be the source & inspiration for my memoirs which I hope to publish in 2020. This is me speaking on August 19, 2014, my first moments back in Vancouver after 57 months in prison in Canada (awaiting extradition) and in the USA.